The Rock Just Married One of His Fans… And the Setup was Amazing.

by Jim Singletary

In case you were looking around for reasons why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is unquestionably cooler than you are, we offer you this.

While promoting his new movie San Andreas, in theaters May 29th, The Rock participated in a press junket with the film site Screen Junkies.  The company sent along their correspondent Nick Mundy to conduct the interview and Nick, who has some history with interviewing The Rock, had no idea that it was to be a life changing event.  The Rock knew that Nick was not just a correspondent but also a superfan, and he collaborated with Nick’s family and friends along with Screen Junkies to throw him a surprise wedding. The Rock  literally married the guy to his fiance’.  Yes.  Dwayne Johnson legally, officially married the happy couple.

To do so, Johnson had to get himself ordained and he did just that.  So everything, much to Nick Mundy’s shock, was totally legit and official.

Lots of superstars do crazy things to promote their films and projects.  And many even go out of their way for their fans.  But I can’t say I’ve ever heard of an A-list movie star like Dwayne going to the trouble of getting ordained, so he could set up a super prank on one of his fans and create something unbelievably memorable for him, his new bride, and their family and friends.

Hat’s off to The Rock.  Our congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mundy.  We gotta say, this one of our favorite stories of the year so far.

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