The Science Behind Perfecting Your Physique

by Brandon

Hard work is the key to achieving great results in any facet of life, there is just no way around it. There are no cheat codes in life, the only cheat code presented to you is to work harder than every other individual on the planet. But there has to be a purpose behind your hard work as working blindly will get you no where. Especially as a bodybuilder, your main focus should not only be on working hard but maybe more importantly on working smart. Because your goal as a bodybuilder isn’t to kill yourself at the gym but rather get the most out of every repetition of every set you go through when training. Which poses the question of – how do you go about doing that? And the answer is to apply a scientific approach to your training philosophies. With all the information you have available to you through the internet obtaining the necessary information is easy. One bodybuilder who heavily relies on science to help him obtain the best physique possible is the one and only Ben Pakulski. Who in the video below shows us that the more you know about why you work so hard the more efficiently you can fine tune your physique!

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