The Ultimate Parkour Fails Compilation

by Brandon

Parkour is known as the act of traveling from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency. But anyone who has seen or participated in parkour would agree that a definition doesn’t convey the rush that the real thing provides. Which is probably why its popularity has grown in recent years. Parkour practitioners flip, jump, climb and move any way possible through their given environment while using all the things within that environment. Such as stairs, walls, fences, and just about anything else you could think of. Allowing individuals the privilege of getting as wildly creative as they choose when it comes to their training routines. But as in anything in life it is key to know your limitations. Not saying that you can’t do all those crazy stunts you see others pull off but just know there is a process you must go through before becoming a parkour expert. Failing to understand that can lead to serious injury and fails that might end up going viral. And if there is one thing you want to avoid it is getting caught in a fails compilation video like the one below because quite frankly your ago might never fully recover!

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