The Worst Personal Trainers Ever!

by Brandon

When you’re in the zone at the gym just murdering your workout the last thing you want is for someone to come interrupt you with worthless information. Especially those people who believe they know everything there is to know about the body but in all actuality know nothing at all .It’s like come on can’t they take their non-sense to somebody who would actually care to listen because you’re too busy getting after it.

BigDawsTv  recently went to the gym disguised as two of the worst personal trainers you might ever encounter in your entire life. But what’s hilarious is that some of the gym goers actually stopped to listen to what they had to say and even began implementing the  bizzarre techniques they suggested into their routines. Which goes to show how little some people actually know about the body and what exercises they should actually be doing. Check out the hilarious video below and make sure you don’t take part in any of the exercises being displayed!

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