Think You Can Squat 315 Lbs On A 2-Wheel Scooter?

by Brandon

Whether you are shopping at the mall, walking around campus in between classes or even going for a casual stroll down the block you will see someone riding around on their 2-wheel ,self-balancing scooter. They have burst on the scene and have become a must have for celebrities and most high-school and college students. And to be quite honest I’m a little jealous that I currently don’t have one of my own. How convenient would it be to roll around your enormous college campus on a self-balancing 2-wheel scooter? It would be extremely convenient, no more sweating your ass off from walking to class. Fitness enthusiast Bradley Martyn took his scooter and decided to try something slightly crazy. Attempting to squat a total of 315 lbs on a scooter of his own, the difficulty comes in the fact that it is a self-balanciong scooter. Making it highly challenging to be able to squat 315 lbs, to be honest not many dudes can squat that while standing on a flat surface. You think you posses the necessary coordination, core strength, and leg strength to make it happen? Probably not so don’t give it a try, instead check out the video below and get a look at Bradley performing the futuristic squat!

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