This 19 Year Old Was Labeled ‘Too Ripped’

by Adam Smith

As more and more under 24s are getting into fitness, many are focusing their goals simply on getting ‘shredded’, aiming for the lowest body fat possible. But, as 19 year old competitive fitness model Lazlo Baritz found out, getting too lean can be counter-productive – creating a look that’s unhealthy and unappealing. For the Miami Pro UK competition in April, Lazlo admits his over-depleted look make him appear ‘almost like a skeleton’. But he learned from his mistakes, and in November he came back with a fuller and more healthy look, which earned two trophies. These can be difficult issues to talk about – so we pay tribute to Lazlo for opening up on camera to us, as well as for the fantastic physique he’s developed naturally at just 20 years old.

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