This 74-Year-Old Grandpa Is Jacked! Now What’s Your Excuse?

by Adam Smith

This 74-year-old bodybuilder is going at it harder at the gym than a lot of dudes a third of his age. There’s this thing called testosterone and this hormone is responsible for such things as libido, body hair and ability to increase muscle mass. However when you turn around 40-years-old your testosterone gradually drops by about 1% to 1.5% per year. This can mean it’s not as easy to build and maintain muscle mass. By my calculations, this 74-year-old man should have lost at least 34% of his testosterone. Well apparently this old timer didn’t get that Morse code message. This elderly bro is crazy ripped and shows no signs of stopping. If this grandpa says, “Get off my lawn!” You had best get off his darn lawn.

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