This Extravagant Capsule Combines The Best Of A Jet-Ski And A Yacht

by Brandon

When you begin to envision yourself hitting the seas in lavish style, mega yachts are typically the first image to pop into your mind. However, the billionaires whom own those yachts know what a pain it can be to maintain them. Thankfully, there is a new luxury boat making a splash on the industry, known as the Jet Capsule. The Jet Capsule offers us a combination of a jet-ski and a yacht, which allows for more mobility than the traditional yacht. Don’t for a second think this Jet Capsule comes at a discounted price, to get your hands on one of these cool capsules be prepared to dish out a ‘boatload’ of money. The base model starts at a price of $250,000.

But as they say, “You get what you pay for”, the capsule comes fully loaded with a jet propulsion system, allowing you to hit speeds up to 57 mph while cruising the seas. And a 24 foot cabin, containing an incredibly spacious cockpit. Check out the video below for a closer look at the extraordinary Jet Capsule!

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