This Gamer Uses Strategies Used In Video Games To Help Him Stay Fit

by Brandon

Gamers are stereotyped as being sedentary and out of shape beings but gamer Sean Clinton is doing his best to change the negative perception most have of them. As he combines his two passions(gaming and fitness) by incorporating exercises into his online gaming sessions. As he attempts to motivate his fellow gamers to take a stance and begin placing an importance on living a healthy lifestyle. Not only will it improve their health but it can also lead to improvement in the gaming world through increasing hand and joint strength. Clinton claims that two of the biggest problems hardcore gamers encounter is hand and forearm fatigue. Which is why he performs hand strength specific exercises to help him overcome these challenges. Exhibiting that just because you are a gamer doesn’t mean that you can not live a fit lifestyle. If you are a gamer who is looking to make a change in your life, take a look at the video below and see what fellow gamer Sean Clinton does to remain fit!

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