This Grandmother Can Kick Your Ass! Try Her…

by Gifted Nutrition
When you think of a grandmother approaching 80 years old, you picture a fragile old lady knitting in a rocking chair and baking cookies for her grand kids. I guess someone forgot to tell this to Willie Murphy .
On paper, New York’s Willie Murphy doesn’t exactly have the attributes of an award-winning powerlifter. She’s a 77-year-old grandmother who weighs just 105 pounds.But those numbers don’t seem to be a factor in her ability to lift more than twice her body weight, do one-handed pull-ups and push her own car when it gets stuck in snow, according to USA Today.
Murphy’s accolades include division titles in deadlifting, bench pressing and power curling at the WNPF (World Natural Powerlifting Federation) World Championships along with the competition’s 2014 Lifter of the Year award. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Murphy is how quickly she evolved, as she began with 5-pound weights just a few years ago and worked her way up one step at a time.
Now how do you feel about yourself?!  Granny can out lift you!
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