This Is An Off-Season Physique? Watch What Happens When Phil Heath Walks On Stage in Russia…

by Adam Smith

When you think of the “off-season” for athletes you think of them getting all fat and out of shape and being lazy. Eating doughnuts and skipping the gym.  Letting themselves go, and living a little. Wouldn’t you do that if your body had to be in peak form for a period of time throughout the year? I sure as hell would.

This is 4x Mr Olympia Phil Heath in the middle of his “OFF -SEASON ” on stage November 29th in Moscow Russia at the Amateur Olympia in front of thousands of screaming fans! You look like that dont you? Makes you really see what a freak Phil is and how you have got a lot of work to do in the gym before next summer!

If you think this is impressive (which it sure as hell is) Just wait to see what he will bring to the Olympia stage in September!
Phil will be going for his 5th (consecutive) Mr Olympia Title in Las Vegas in 2015, where finds himself 4 titles shy of the record 8 titles, held by Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.  Phil “The Gift” Heath is one of only 13 total winners of the prestigious title in the 50 years of existence.

Will he surpass Arnold (at 7 titles),and Ronnie and Lee? Will Phil be the best ever to grace the stage?

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