What Happens When Phil Heath Asks Jay Cutler to Borrow His Iphone Cord… You Wont Believe This

by Adam Smith

When you are on vacation in Las Vegas what do you do? Go to a spa? Go sightseeing? Go to a nightclub?

Well, when you are the reigning 4x Mr Olympia, you find a way to exercise; even if it is with  Jay Cutlers Iphone cord! How many jumps in a row do you think the Champ Phil Heath can do?

Phil asked Jay to borrow an Iphone cord, and to his surprise he received a 12 FOOT LONG CORD! It’s long enough to jump rope with! Who even has an Iphone cord this long!?

Phil is in Las Vegas, NV for UFC 181 getting ready to cheer on his fellow Gifted Nutrition teammate Todd Duffee as he returns to the Octagon after a 2 year hiatus tonight!

Enjoy and tune in tonight to support Todd and #teamGIFTED

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