This Might Be The Best Super Bowl Ad EVER And Guess Who Is In It?

by Adam Smith


With the Super Bowl right around the corner we’re pretty sure people are going to be having their parties and be are going to be glued to their TV’s to see all the entertainment. Well we figured we would share our favorite Super Bowl commercial from last year starring no other than one of our favorite guys of all time Arnold. In this Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light, Schwarzenegger stars with Reggie Watts, Minka Kelly, Don Cheadle and Lily the llama in a night to remember for one lucky brew drinker.


Wearing a ‘70s-style headband and scraggly wig he plays “tiny tennis” and taunts his opponent to do pushups. The ad, for which he pocketed a reported $3 million, has logged 18.5 million YouTube views. Every year companies all over the world formulate great ideas for the crown of most talked about Super Bowl commercial and we’re sure this year wont be any different and we definitely can’t wait to feast our eyes on them!


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