This Stationary Bike Is Going To Change The Gym Forever

by Adam Smith


It takes you less than 30 seconds sitting on top of Activetainment’s Ebove B\01 smart bike before you start wishing you could own one. Sure, there are plenty of static exercise bikes that let you follow a trail with the benefit of a tablet strapped on top. There are a lot fewer bikes that are set up on a gimbal that lifts up when you crest a hill and dips down when you hit the opposite side.


When you factor in the fact that the bike has working gears and the effort you make represents the distance you travel, it’s the closest thing we’ve seen to trail biking that doesn’t involve getting muddy. But let’s back up, because the Norwegian creators of the Ebove describe the product as a health and fitness product that also happens to be an interactive video game. Because the bike is attached to a single point and can move in several directions, you have to wrench the bike into each turn, which certainly give you a great core workout.


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