This Young Jamaican Kid’s Speech Is All The Motivation You Need To Get Into The Gym!

by Brandon

If you have been finding it difficult to muster up the motivation to get yourself into the gym lately, the three Jamaican kids getting their swole on in the video below will be all the inspiration you’ve been looking for. Now, while I can’t accurately remember what I was doing at this age I can assure you one thing, I wasn’t worried about my physical appearance. To be honest, I was most likely playing with my Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon cards while sitting around watching some cartoons. The little kid below has a totally different agenda than I or most young kids have, he is incredibly amped about getting fit and helping his friends on their rode to getting big. If this kid continues on the path to where he is headed, one thing is for sure – there will be no bullying going around on his watch. Take a look at the humorous yet motivating kid in the video below and start getting your act together before he makes you!

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