Three Easy Tips For A Better Bent Over Row

by Brandon

If you plan on adding a good amount of thickness and detail to your back, you without a doubt need to be doing the bent over barbell row. The barbell row is a tremendous compound movement that incorporates the lats, rear delts, traps and even the biceps. Which is why it is a good choice to guarantee that your are getting the most out of your back training sessions.

The barbell row is the king of its domain for the lats and traps and can help you develop those bat wing-like lats. That is if it is performed properly, one of the most commonly seen errors with the barbell row is a rounded lower back. An error that if not corrected can place a dangerous amount of stress on your lumbar spine. Making it highly important that you take time to evaluate your form and make the adjustments necessary. To help you ensure that your form is on point, the Buff Dudes created a video going through three tips you can use to help improve your barbell row!

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