Three Easy Tips For A Better Pull-Up

by Brandon

The Pull-up challenges the back unlike any other movement, but that doesn’t mean that you could get away with performing a few repetitions here and there. Before you can advance to high intense pull up workouts and variations, you must be competent in doing a solid number of repetitions. The only way to properly go about laying down a solid foundation to build on is through correct form and persistence. At first you might become frustrated that you are not able to jump up and pump out 20 pull-ups with ease. It is during this time period that little tips and words of advice can make a huge difference in your training. As they help you put the focus on the areas and muscles of the body that you are trying to develop.

Below we have three simple tips that can help you improve and get the most out of your repetitions on the pull-up bar. Resulting in an enhancement of your back strength and development. It won’t come quick but if you stick with the pull-up for an extended period of time, it will provide you with great results.

Take a look at the three easy tips for a better pull-up in the video below!

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