Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath Blasting His Arms

by Brandon

It doesn’t matter how big a mans arms are he will always crave for them to be a bit larger. When it comes to the arms, it is as if you will never become satisfied with the progress you have made, as you are always in search for more gains. But don’t worry there are many people around the world just like you to whom it doesn’t matter how big or shredded their arms are because they are always in search for improvements. And it isn’t just the average lifter who suffers from this issue, as even the best bodybuilders are never satisfied with their arm size. Prime example, being current 5x Olympia champ Phil “The Gift” Heath.

Many if not all of us would be pleased to have the size and balance that “The Gift” possesses yet he is always searching for ways to enhance his physique. Never allowing himself to become complacent and satisfied, even after all the years of training. Despite all the success and recognition that has come his way, Phil continues working his tail off. To the point where you cannot tell that he is currently the best bodybuilder in the world because he trains as if he is still attempting to claim his first sandow.

So how has Phil gone about developing a pair of cannons for arms? His willingness to outwork every other competitor around the world by pushing himself through workouts such as the one below

Check out Phil blasting his arms 7 days out from the 2011 Olympia in the video below!

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