Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath goes Through A 37 Set Leg Day In Preparation For The 2015 Olympia

by Brandon

It is Thursday night and you could be doing a lot more “fun” things than pushing yourself through a grueling workout but will a night out get you closer to the physique you want? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Night’s in the gym while others go out drinking and partying might seem like a tough sacrifice to make but when you start seeing the results you have been envisioning it will be all the reinforcement you need to keep grinding. You have legs today? So what? I’ am sure you can find a way to get the fire burning inside of you to get under that squat rack and murder your leg session. But in case you are having trouble mustering up the motivation to get into the gym today, we have the second part of a 37 set leg day that 5x Olympia, Phil Heath pushed himself through 5 weeks prior to the 2015 Mr. Olympia. You think he enjoyed going through it? I am not sure about all that but what I do know is that “The Gift” understood it would be a good test for him not only physically but also mentally. Take a page out of Phil’s book and test your will to be great on this wonderful Thursday Night!

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