Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath Smashing Delts At Armbrust Pro Gym

by Brandon

Phil Heath had an extremely successful 2015 which was completed when he captured his fifth consecutive sandow at the 2015 Olympia. And while most individuals only see the package that the competitors bring to the stage, there is a ton of hard work that goes on behind closed doors. It is truly a year long process that goes into allowing “The Gift’ to bring his best possible physique to the Olympia stage. In reality there is no “off-season” for any professional athlete because the “off-season” is the time period when athletes improve themselves to become bigger and better versions of themselves for the upcoming year. A perfect example is the video below where we see Phil push through a delt workout prior to his prep for the 2015 Olympia contest. Exemplifying his true dedication and commitment to excellence. While others were partying and enjoying their time off from competing, Phil uses his so called ‘downtime’ to improve his physique.

Check out Phil Heath smashing delts at Armbrust Pro Gym in the video below!

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