Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath Training Back 10 Weeks Out From 2014 Olympia

by Brandon

2014 was a huge year for Phil ‘The Gift” Heath for many reasons. To begin with he took home his fourth consecutive sandow at the 50th Mr. Olympia competition and along with the Gifted team launched a new supplement line – Gifted Nutrition. Focusing on formulating supplements composed of the highest quality ingredients and providing fans with the same supplements that Phil uses to fuel his body on a daily basis. While doubted and criticized at first, Phil has shown the world what you can accomplish when you have a clear vision, a hard working/supportive team to go a long with a desire to be the best. Proof being the growth of Gifted Nutrition and the continuous accession of Phil’s bodybuilding career.

Below we have a video from NPC News, which captured Phil going through a back workout ten weeks out from the 2014 Olympia and hear him elaborate on the launch and plans for Gifted Nutrition. It’s pretty neat to take a look back and put into perspective how far Gifted Nutrition and now 5x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath have come in such a short period of time!

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