Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath Training Chest Just A Few Days Prior To Winning His First Olympia

by Brandon

The year was 2011 and Phil had yet to win the coveted Mr.Olympia title, which would signify that he was the best bodybuilder in the world. And after his second place finish in 2010 was as motivated as ever to claim what rightfully belonged to him – the illustrious Olympia sandow. “The Gift” had his mind set on becoming only the 13th bodybuilder in history to win the Mr. Olympia competition and understood that it was a crazy attention to detail that would allow him to take that next step and put the world on notice.

The video below is the first part of a two part training video, that provides us with a look into how Phil trained and what his thought process was like just two weeks out from the 2011 Olympia. It’s pretty crazy to think about the speed in which time passes you by. It was just over four years ago that Phil was aspiring to become Mr.Olympia and now he is the reigning 5x champion. Phil had a goal in mind and was willing to do whatever was necessary for him to attain that goal. He wanted to be great and become great he did.

Phil’s dream of becoming Mr. Olympia might have sounded far fetched and improbable when he began his bodybuilding career but that didn’t deter him away from going after it. Whenever you set out to accomplish something great, it might seem impossible to achieve at first but if you stick with it and focus on improving each and everyday, you will without a doubt reach your goal and much more.

Take a look at Phil Heath training chest just two weeks prior to winning his first Olympia in the video below!

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