Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath Trains Hamstrings And Calves 3 Weeks out From 2011 Olympia

by Brandon

Phil “The Gift” Heath is now known as the reigning 5x Mr. Olympia but a few years ago he was a hungry bodybuilder willing to do everything possible to turn his dream into a reality.

The year was 2011 and Phil was attempting to improve upon his second place finish at the 2010 Olympia. And you can hear the determination in his voice when he says “I’m totally locked in right now, I’ve totally bought in to being Mr. Olympia and I got to win this dam thing, I got to do it…That’s what I tell myself everyday.” It is this determination that allowed Phil to become the best bodybuilder in the world because he took it with him into each and every training session and continues to do so. If there is one thing to learn from this it is that if you possess a vision and match it with the work required to turn it into a reality; there is no doubt that you can make it happen.

Check out Phil Heath training hamstrings and calves three weeks out from the 2011 Olympia in the video below!

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