Throwback Thursday: Phil Heath Ultimate Back Workout

by Brandon

Despite the fact that many people focus on the front of their physiques, emphasizing their chest and arms the saying goes that “All bodybuilding shows are won from the back”. Back poses separate the contenders from the pretenders but it takes years of persistence and attention to detail to build a superior back. Perfect example being 5x Olympia Phil “The Gift” Heath who at one time had a self titled ‘mediocre’ back during his amateur days but through ten long years has transformed his back into one of if not the best in the sport. What was his secret behind the transformation? Some good old-fashioned hard work, providing a perfect example of what you can achieve if you are truly willing to put in the time necessary to achieve the results you crave. Take a look at one of the back routines Mr. O used to develop his back in the video below!

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