Throwback Thursday: Phil Trains Chest 11 Weeks Out From 2015 Olympia

by Brandon

Many guys dream of it, but very few actually attain a strong, powerful, highly developed chest. I’m talking about a perfectly proportioned, rock solid chest, like the ones you see on many athletes, and fitness models. The reason why very few actually develop an incredible chest is because they improperly train it.

Getting lost in believing that the key to building a perfect chest is through ‘ego’ lifting. Speeding through every repetition in hopes that the weight will not fall on their chest. As appose to holding and contracting the muscle during their movements to enhance muscle activation. Focusing on moving weight from point A to B is good if your goal is to add strength but if you are looking to develop an aesthetic physique that should not be your focus at all.

Check out the video below to see Phil train chest and drop some tips for improving your chest development!

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