Tim Tebow Channels His Inner Rocky Balboa And Performs “Eye of The Tiger” On Spike’s Lip Sync Battle

by Brandon

Former NFL quarterback and University of Florida legend Tim Tebow is known for one thing above all else and that is giving his all at everything he does. Which apparently includes performances on Spike’s Lip-Sync battle. The trailer, released on Monday shows Tim channeling his inner Rocky Balboa and putting on his best “Eye of the Tiger” performance. Opening up with a high-paced jump-rope session followed by a choreographed boxing routine, that had Chrissy Teigen ready to completely lose her mind. It should be quite interesting to see how the lip-sync battle plays out this Thursday but I do expect Tim Tebow to win because judging off of his days on the gridiron that is all he knows how to do. Take a look at a preview of Tim Tebow’s passionate performance of “Eye of the Tiger” in the video below!


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