Tinder Tips From The One And Only Rob Gronkowski

by Brandon

Tinder is a new app which helps facilatate communication between two mutually interested individuals and has blossomed into a very popular aid for those looking to meet new individuals. Being extremely helpful to those who might have trouble either approaching or holding conversations with other individuals in person. But how do you most effectively use tinder? Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is the perfect guy to ask for some Tinder tips. He recently spoke with outsider Mike of ESPN Radio and gives his advice for those Tinder newbies who are having trouble getting swipes to the right.

Next time you’re in a situation where you are not sure how to open up a Tinder conversation use Rob’s go to line “Hey do you workout? Because I’m ripped, I’m jacked.” followed by a picture of yourself without a shirt. Sounds like it should work every time!

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