Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning: A Look Back At The First Career Match-up Between These Two Legends

by Brandon

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have dominated the NFL and battled against each other for over a decade but all signs point to this Sunday being the end to this fantastic rivalry. Sundays match-up between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will mark the 17th meeting between Brady and Manning. With Tom Brady collecting a total of 11 victories to Peyton Manning’s five. But when you narrow it down to playoff meetings the records become more even as Manning is 2-1 against Brady in AFC Championship Games and 2-2 in overall playoff games. However, what is indeed the main separating factor between the two is the simple fact that Tom Brady has appeared in six Super Bowls and won four. While Peyton Manning has appeared in three Super Bowls and won one. Yes football is the ultimate team sport but great quarterbacks will always be judged by the amount of rings they were able to collect throughout their time in the league. But regardless of whom you believe is the better quarterback you can’t deny that they are both two of the greatest signal callers the league has ever seen. So this Sunday sit back and enjoy what could possibly be the last time we see these two legends go head-to-head.

Take a look at how the Brady and Manning rivalry all started with a look back at their first career match-up in the video below!

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