Tom Brady’s Scouting Combine Video Is A Crazy Thing To See

by Adam Smith

This has to be a joke, right? The NFL is trolling their most marketable star and the winner of four Super Bowls by releasing an embarrassing video that should have stayed locked in the vault forever. The NFL released a video today from Brady’s combine performance back in 2000. This has to be a mash-up of his worst moments. This was probably footage of the fourth time in a row running a 40 and the last few passes of the day. Right?

Was Brady that bad or did he just have an incredibly bad day? This footage makes it obvious why Brady dropped so low in the draft. It really makes a person wonder how the hell Brady got drafted at all. This looks like video from a college gym class. “Keep the camera pointed at Brady! He’s going to fall on his handsome face any second!”

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