Top 10 Most Effective Bench Press Variations

by Brandon

The bench press is a great exercise to use when attempting to build up a nice, strong, proportionate chest but with so many variations which ones do you go with? Of course we are all aware of the traditional presses such as the barbell flat, incline, and decline press but are those the most effective exercises for achieving those gains? Probably not, just because they are the traditional chest movements doesn’t make them the most beneficial movements. In order to inform us on some innovative and helpful variations of the bench press the guys over at Buff Dudes provide us a video detailing their 1o best variations. Including some exercises you might be currently incorporating into your routine and some you probably haven’t tried out yet. Don’t get stuck in believing your way of training is the only way of training, take a look at the variations in the video below and give them all a try!

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