Top 10 NBA Dunk Contest Props of All-Time

by Brandon

We have arrived at the mid way point of the 2016 NBA season and are in the process of kicking off All-Star weekend which will take place in the beautiful Toronto, Canada. Which will begin tonight with the Rising Stars challenge providing as a showcase for some of the leagues best young talent.

While the Rising Stars challenge, three-point shootout, and skills competition are all highly entertaining – they don’t quite compare to the excitement generated by the dunk competition for fans all over the world. Most of that excitement is created by the exceptional physical talent possessed by the individuals participating in the dunk competition but there is something about using props that makes the crowd go berserk. If you take a look at the history of the dunk competition, some of the most memorable dunks of all time consisted off some wildly creative props that helped get the crowd fully engaged into the competition. And with the 2016 Dunk Competition just a few days away it makes you wonder what are the best dunk props of all time? To help us answer that question “The Starters” ranked their top 10 dunk props in the video below.

Do you agree with their rankings?

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