Top 5 Imperative Recovery Methods You Should Be Using

by Brandon

When it comes to achieving gains most people generally focus all their attention on their training routine and diet/supplementation. Prioritizing their training regimen and diet plan while showing no love to the recovery process. Which is pretty comical when you take in to consideration that no matter how hard you push yourself at the gym or how strict you are with your diet, at some point in the day you are going to need your rest. And for good reason, rest plays a pivotal role in muscle recovery, which in turn allows your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. Exactly why you need to start giving the rest and recovery phase as much importance as you do training and nutrition. Doing so will allow you to get the most out of your training days and help maximize those gains.

So what are the most beneficial ways to recover after a long day of training? Check out a list of the top five recovery methods you should be using in the video below!

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