Top 5 Mistakes That Will Diminish Your Gains

by Brandon

Ever felt like you have legitimately been busting your ass in the gym only to not see the results that match the work you’ve been putting in? Well it’s clear that you might in fact be messing up without even realizing it. It’s about time you begin looking into what you might be doing wrong and begin training as efficient and effective as possible. I mean there is no point in ineffective training for countless hours at the gym. You are just wasting your time and in life there is nothing more valuable than your time because you can never get it back. In an effort to help individuals identify their wrongdoings when it comes to training, Generation Iron has put together a list of the top 5 mistakes that will diminish your gains. So if you haven’t been seeing the results you should – take a look at the video below and begin making the necessary corrections to your training regimen!

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