Top 5 Reasons We Love Ronnie Coleman

by Brandon

There have been many bodybuilders who come and go but very few have ever made the impact that 8x Mr Olympia, Ronnie Coleman made on the sport. Many refer to Ronnie as the Michael Jordan of bodybuilding and it’s hard to argue the comparison. Not only is he the biggest Olympia champion ever at 197 lbs but his personality is what changed the sport. His catch-phrases, “Lightweight”, ” Ain’t nothing but a peanut” and “Yeah buddy” are legendary and can be heard throughout gyms around the globe. His will and determination is what separated him from everybody else. Even double hip surgery couldn’t keep him out of the gym as he was back leg pressing in less than two months. That is just insane. To show their appreciation for the great Ronnie Coleman, Generation Iron put together the top five reasons why they love Ronnie Coleman in the video below!

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