Top 7 Most Common Exercise Form Fail Mistakes

by Brandon

There are two days left of the year 2015 meaning that a absurd amount of people world-wide are beginning to formulate their new year resolutions. And a majority of those resolutions pertain to individuals improving their fitness. Which means there will be an enormous amount of gym ‘rooks’ looking to purchase their memberships at local gyms everywhere. The problem that comes with that lies in the fact that these individuals generally do not educate themselves before jumping into a weight lifting routine. They assume that they will be able to learn the techniques by simply watching others and doing what seems to work. But weight lifting doesn’t work like that; failing to properly execute the technique behind each exercise can lead to serious injury and prevent you from getting after those fitness foals you’ve set out for yourself. So before you dive into your new year resolution of hitting the gym consistently be sure to take a look at Buff Dudes’ compilation of the top 7 most common form fails to avoid in the video below!

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