Train Big: Motivation

by Brandon

Nobody is born a bodybuilder. The enormous muscles, tight physique, and strength doesn’t come naturally to even the most genetically gifted athletes. It is a combination of an extreme work ethic, determination, and a relentless will to not give into all the temptations and transform yourself in to an incredibly sculpted mass monsters. It’s easy to go out and party all night with your friends, taking down numerous shots and or beers throughout your night out but is it getting you any closer to your aspirations? Unless you desire to become an alcoholic- no it doesn’t. You have to be disciplined enough to stay focused on the task at hand and be able to turn down what will only steer you away from where you are headed. It’s not easy but if it was then everybody would become a world-class bodybuilder. If you’ve been lacking some motivation check out the video below to ignite a fire in every muscle of your body!

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