Training Style Face Off: Branch Warren Vs Ben Pakulski

by Brandon

There are numerous ways that a bodybuilder can decide to train. Especially now a days when there are so many new studies being conducted and techniques frequently being discovered. Which brings up the question of which style of training is best? Do the new scientifically methods beat out the traditional, old school methods of training? I guess that all is dependent on who you pose this question to. And there are no two individuals who exemplify this conflict of interest better than the hardcore, intense Branch Warren and the scientifically Ben Pakulski.

Ben puts an emphasis on science to determine the most efficient way to maximize his gains. Branch Warren on the other hand is as old school as it gets. Doing everything in his power to push as much weight as he possibly can. Believing that there is no substitute for hard work. So how do these two contrasting styles compare? Take a look at the video below, where you’ll see them put up against each other in the ultimate face-off!

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