Triceps – The Anatomy And Top 5 Exercises For Building Big Triceps

by Brandon

When you think of having big arms the first muscle that comes to mind are biceps and for some reason the triceps rarely get any love. Which is a bit strange when you take into consideration that the tricep makes up 75 percent of your arm. In other words neglecting your triceps isn’t smart if you are trying to develop a pair of massive arms. The guys over at Buff Dudes fully understand the importance of developing the triceps and have put together a highly useful video both breaking down the anatomy of the tricep as well as the top five exercises for building big triceps. So next time you step in the gym all excited because it’s arm day, remind yourself that the bicep only makes up 25 percent of the arm. And you will surely be motivated to smash your triceps. It might not be as fun as curling your life away but it sure as hell is necessary. Check out the video below and get informed on the importance of the tricep as well as the most effective exercises for developing it!

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