True Super Set Arm Workout

by Brandon

The saying “less is more” is one that often applies to health and fitness. Especially when you are talking about the duration of your workouts. Many people train believing that they must be in the gym for a minimum of two hours in order to see any results. When in all actuality, after an hour of intense exercise, the testosterone levels in our bodies begin to decrease while our stress hormone cortisol begins to rise – exactly what you don’t want to happen. Which is why it is crucial that you time your workouts in a way that will allow you to get the maximum results possible. The perfect way to ensure this is occurring is through super setting.

A super set consists of using a muscle while the opposing muscle group is resting. So if you performing a bicep curl, your triceps would be resting until you are complete with the current set of curls, which would then be followed by a set of the triceps exercise you decide to perform.

This simple yet highly effective training technique provides a dual benefit: since you are performing your sets back to back you will finish your workouts in less time; and since you will be keeping your heart rate elevated for the duration of the workout you will burn fat faster. You can utilize super sets by either plugging them into certain parts of your workout or by creating a workout solely composed of super sets like the one in the video below!

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