Try These Tips To Instantly Increase Your Bench Press

by Brandon

If there is one lift that all guys unanimously want to increase it is the bench press. The bench press is the one exercise in which dudes love to show off how strong they are and throw around a massive amount of weight. And when they encounter trouble increasing their bench it became quite frustrating, especially for those who only believe in training the upper body. So it begs the question of what should you do to go about adding weight to your bench? And no it isn’t by continuously just throwing on more weight than you can actually lift. You might have to actually go back to where it all begins – your form. An improper form can not only prevent you from effectively hitting the targeted area but it can hinder you from building strength in those muscle groups. And while we all like to claim that we lift with impeccable from, it is far from the truth. Scott Herman recognizes this which is why he put together a video breaking down the proper form and other tips that will help you bench more than you ever have before. Take a look at the video below and begin making the proper adjustments so you can be the guy at the gym who out benches everyone!

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