Two Great Exercises For Mid-Upper Back Development

by Brandon

One of the biggest holes in the physiques of most athletes lies in their mid upper back development. While the mid upper back might be one of the most important muscle groups you can work it is for some reason highly neglected by so many individuals. What these individuals fail to realize is that a strong upper back will help provide stability when you front squat, deadlift, and even bench press. But if all this is true, then why is it that the upper back is typically ignored? Most of it has to do with the fact that many people aren’t exactly sure what exercises they should be doing to develop what might be the biggest flaw in their physique. But don’t worry we have a solution in the form of a tutorial breaking down two highly effective mid upper back exercises by Chris Jones of the PumpChasers YouTube channel. Begin incorporating these exercises into your back training days and no longer will your upper back be one of the biggest weaknesses in your physique. Take a look at the full tutorial in the video below!

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