Two Must Be Doing Exercises For Bigger Triceps

by Brandon

The arms are the favorite muscle group to train for individuals all around the globe, with most of the love going to the biceps. We are quick to neglect and ignore the tricep all together and instead focus all our attention on getting our biceps as swole as possible. And that right there is a huge mistake being that the triceps makes up two-thirds of the arm. Without a pair of massy and thick triceps you simply won’t be able to fill up the sleeves of all those new shirts you just bought for the summer. Which is why it is a good idea to begin training them just as hard as you do any other part of your body. And to help you bring up those puny triceps of yours, Scott Herman brings us a video detailing two highly effective exercises he feels everyone should be doing if they want to grow their triceps. They aren’t any revolutionary or out of this world exercises but rather two intense and efficient movements that can help you develop a more balanced physique.

Take a look at the video below to get a look at the two exercises you must be doing for bigger triceps!

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