Tyson Had An Incredible Physique And Worked Hard For It

by Adam Smith

Knockout muscles. Boxing is called the sweet science for a reason. Not only for the technical abilities displayed in the ring, but the genetically gifted individuals who compete in the sport. In honor of the upcoming match between boxing stalwarts Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, we’ve compiled a list of boxers with some of the most impressive physiques to ever step inside the ring. When these boxers were in the prime of their careers they were forces to be reckoned with with the fire power to KO any top boxer of the time.

There’s no doubting that when Mike Tyson came onto the scene every boxing observer and fan were impressed by his power, physique, and immaculate boxing skills. Iron Mike was one of those boxers that struck fear into the hearts of his opponents before even stepping into the ring. His bulging biceps, broad shoulders, and powerful legs gave him both a spring in his punches and movements as well as a domineering figure that likely gave many his victims in the ring nightmares.

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