UFC181 Post-Fight, Todd Duffee’s Answer is About as Funny as You’d Expect

by Jim Singletary

After a long 2 year hiatus from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts to deal with a serious nerve condition in his arm, Gifted Nutrition athlete Todd Duffee began his comeback in the UFC heavyweight division at UFC 181 in typical Todd Duffee fashion.  The thunderous knockout of Anthony Hamilton came just 33 seconds into the first round.

But the real entertainment came in the post fight press conference as Duffee took a question from a reporter.  His answer is enough to tell anyone just how excited this guy is to be back to punching people in the face for a living.  For fans of brutal knockouts in the cage, Duffee’s return couldn’t come soon enough.

Just how far do you think Duffee can get up the heavyweight ladder?  And whose next up for Todd as he eyes the top 10 in the division?

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