Unbelievable Knockout – Ronda Rousey Get’s Knocked Out By Holly Holm In 2nd Round!

by Brandon

One of the main reasons why fans love to watch boxing and MMA fights is because of the mere fact that anything can happen regardless of how one sided the odds seem. All it takes is one slip up for an underdog to step right in, capitalize and claim an unexpected victory. But what went on in the UFC 193 battle between colossal underdog Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey could of never been predicted. It was not a fight in where Holly made the most out of a Rousey mistake, it was a fight in which Holly came out making her presence known by landing multiple shots straight to the unbeaten Rousey’s head. Leaving the champ bloodied up and searching for answers at the end of the first round. The champ attempted to regain the momentum of the fight in the second round by pushing Holm around the octagon but all that was put to an abrupt end thanks to Holly’s massive kick to the head of Rousey. Holm would go on to pounce on the defending champ before the referee intervened and put an end to the fight. Leaving fans around the world in complete shock of what just occurred and leading to an anticipation of a rematch between the two. I am more than sure Ronda Rousey will return from her time off re-energized and focused on reclaiming what is hers.

In case you missed the highlights from the fight check them out in the video below and let us know who you think would win the potential re-match!

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