Undercover Paralympians Show Up To A Gym And Blow Everyone’s Mind!

by Brandon

Paralympians are truly an inspiration to myself and many others, despite the disabilities they have encountered they continue to show an enormous amount of resiliency and continue to pursue their fitness goals. While many people might underestimate them at first glance  it is in fact for no reason because these paralympians are in better conditioning than most who claim they hit he gym every day. Take the video below for instance in which a trio of paralympic athletes shock gym goers with their sporting prowess at a Brazilian training center. Powerlifter Luicano Santas, amputee sprinter Vincius Rodriguez, and blind jodoka Lucia Teixeira casually stroll into the gym and show why you should never underestimate any individual. The hidden cameras were able to capture the amazed looks that began to form on the faces of those at the gym as these remarkable paralympians dominated the gym. What’s is your excuse for putting your fitness goals aside? Check out the video below to see the trio of paralympian athletes amaze all those in attendance and provide a great deal of motivation for us all!

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