Underhand Cable Rows: For Mid-Upper Back

by Brandon

The mid-upper back can be one of the most difficult parts of your back to build up. What makes it so hard to develop is the fact that we are not able to see the muscle when we are training it, making it tough to forge that mind muscle connection. Another reason has to do with the fact that many trainees practice terrible form when training their back. Rather than focusing on getting a good stretch the weight is typically jerked and pulled from the start to finish. Besides improper form the biggest reason for under-developed backs lies in the fact that it takes specific exercises and body positioning to effectively hit the mid-back area. Most of the back exercises you see people performing at the gym don’t hit the middle/low trapezius and the rhomboids as effectively as they do the lats.

Chris Jones of Beastmodetraining provides us a breakdown of the underhand cable row which targets mostly the mid-back area. Making it a great exercise for those who are lacking definition in their back and aren’t sure what exercises they should be incorporating into their routine. If you’ve never performed an underhand cable row take a look at the full breakdown in the video below and begin sculpting that back of yours!

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