Upgrade Your Shoulder Workout With This Brutal Routine

by Brandon

The last thing you want to have is huge biceps, triceps,chest, and back to go along with underdeveloped shoulders. When people talk about working out their upper-body, rarely do you hear someone enthusiastic about hitting shoulders. And there reasoning I will never understand, a nice shoulder cut only brings out your arms even more. There is nothing better than having muscle separation. And no you aren’t going to build a pair of boulder shoulders by only going through a few sets of standard shoulder press. If your shoulder routine is lacking than the video below is exactly what you need. IFBB Pro’s Jeff Seid, Ryan Terry, Justin St.Paul and Felix Valentino linked up to show the rest of the world what it takes to have a pair of perfectly chiseled shoulders. Take a look at these beasts as they go through an intense shoulder session in the video below!

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