Use The Single Arm Bench Press To Build A Stronger Chest

by Brandon

One of the keys to ensuring that you are able to lift to your maximum capacity is having a balanced physique or the closest thing to it. In order to lift the most weight, you possibly can you need to be able to evenly distribute the weight being pushed. And with no muscle group is this more important than with the chest; if you are right pec dominant and have a left pec that is lacking behind you simply aren’t going to be as strong as you could be. Making it crucial that you evenly develop both sides of your chest so that you put yourself in a position to keep those gains coming all year long. But how can you go about making sure that this occurs? Through using the single arm dumbbell bench press as it will allow you to evenly train both sides of your chest. Resulting in a balanced and overall stronger chest which is the goal of just about every lifter out there.

Check out Bradley Martyn breaking down the single arm dumbbell bench press in the video below!

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