Use This Routine To Help Build Enormous Arms

by Brandon

We are still in the middle of winter but the spring and summer seasons are right around the corner which means the sun is going to be out and about. And when the sun is out your guns should be as well. Lets be honest here, whether you are wearing a tank top or sleeved shirt we all want our arms to be in spectacular condition. But there is a huge difference between wanting something and making it reality. In order to improve those skinny, linguini strand looking arms you will have to become fully committed to the grind. Bradley Martyn is one who has been dedicated to it, which is why he has a pair of beastly looking arms. So if you want to change those twigs you have into a pair of arms so impressive that girls will be lining up just to hang off of them, I advise you to check out Bradley’s full arm routine in the video below!

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